Friday, October 31, 2008

Obstacles Created by Snoring

By Christian Goodman

Snoring. It's something we all grow up knowing about. Granddaddies snore after Thanksgiving dinners.

We don't have to look far to see or hear the familiar sound - just be present when someone falls asleep.

What we cannot all readily discern however, are the reasons behind snoring.

"The Stop Snoring Exercise Program" forced me to examine various causes of snoring and incorporate them into the system.

Why we snore

One reason is unavoidable. We were born with certain physical traits that make us snore.

Certain deformities in the nose or enlarged parts of the throat may contribute to snoring.

For those approaching middle age, snoring becomes much more prevalent as the throat narrows and muscle tone relaxes. Being born male will increase your chances of snoring.

Even allergies, infections and the common cold may be responsible for a fretful night of snoring, waking, tossing, and more snoring.

Those things can't be changed. We have little control over those factors.

There are things we can control though. Physical condition, smoking, inbibing to a degree that affects sleep, prescribed, over the counter or 'other' drugs and sleeping position.

Effects of Snoring

People who snore suffer. So do those who love and live with them.

Couples resign themselves to separates rooms when sleeping - creating distance where normally closeness would reign.

It can be detrimental to our relationships, also to our own health.

We've been subjected to enough statistics and studies to know how vital tranquil sleep is. Snoring prevents that by interupting the sleeper.

Do You Know How you Snore?

Snoring with a closed mouth can be the result of tongue position. It can deter air passage.

If you sleep with your mouth open, it's much more likely that your throat tissues are causing this bothersome Zzzzzzzz. Those sleeping on their backs have cases that are generally milder in nature. A change in position and concentration on good posturing will often give this group relief.

Those who snore no matter what position their mouth or body is in may have more complicated factors involved.

For the larger majority however, a simple lifestyle change to get in better shape or some attention to finding a position for optimal air passage can make a difference in a sleepless night and a night full of rest.

My program was created to help people stop snoring fast. It's easy and requires little effort. A few daily exercises can lead to the very sleep you've been deprived of. - 14130

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Massage Chair Therapy Helps Your Golf Swing

By Steve Esquire

If you play golf then you know the importance of having a good swing. Your swing makes or breaks your golf game. The follow through and mechanics of your swing are very important to long term success. To ensure you have a consistent swing, it is vital to warm up your muscles, joints and tendons prior to playing. Proper warm up consists of stretching, light exercise and massage. These are important to get your body prepared for the repetitive physical activity that it must perform. Now you may not know that a massage chair can be an effective part of your pre-golf game.

The golf swing actually puts stress on many of parts of the body. The fact that it is repeated throughout the game will build up stress on the lower back, wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees and hips. All of these areas are required to work together to produce a truly accurate swing. If one area like your shoulder has tightness, then it can through your swing off. This is where a sufficient and comprehensive warm up can really help improve your golf game.

Now when you warm up you should be stretching out the following areas: back, arms, legs, hips, shoulders. Get a stretching routine down, so you work all the areas each time. You will want to do some warm up exercises and perhaps some walking to loosen the muscles. Massage therapy should also be included to loosen up the lower back, hips, shoulders and legs. Massage chairs are particularly effective in this regard.

You may not be familiar with the tremendous technology that has been integrated into massage chairs, but they can provide many effective massage therapies. You can select a Swedish, Shiatsu or deep tissue massage. These are effective in loosening your muscles, enhance circulation and also increasing mental awareness and concentration. Many top athletes get sports massages to help them maintain peak performance. It is important to drink a glass of water after getting a massage to help flush out the toxins released from your muscles.

An area of particular importance is the lower back. Most golfers complain about lower back pain. The lower back or lumbar area is the fulcrum of your swing. The leverage in your swing is a function of this pivot point. This is used repetitively throughout the day on every swing. It is vitally important that the major muscle groups used in this area are effectively warmed up. This includes the low back, hips and legs. These areas need to be warmed up and stretched. A good warm up includes the application of heat to enhance blood flow and a penetrating deep tissue massage.

In order to play golf successfully over the long term, you must take positive steps to avoid injury. What are some of the most common causes of golf injury? They can be over-swinging, twisting during your swing, poor swing mechanics and too little warm up. The golf swing is where most golf injuries occur. If you swing too hard or do not warm up correctly, then you can hurt your back, shoulder, wrist, and other areas. You can reduce this risk by integrating an adequate warm up before your game. However, you must also be aware of your limits and do not over-extend yourself unwisely.

We cannot overstate the importance of a comprehensive and proper warm up. Make sure you massage the major muscle groups, stretch them out and the perform warm up exercises. This will help get your body better prepared to improve your golf game. Utilize massage therapy like professional athletes do before they perform. Massage chairs are a convenient way to gain regular access to effective massage therapy. A massage chair can be a key asset in getting a proper massage to loosen, relax and prepare the muscles. This will help give you the edge to help take a few more strokes off your golf game. - 14130

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Alternative Treatments For Acid Reflux

By Frank Robson

While some leading medications work for everyone, they actually make the Acid Reflux worse after you stop taking them. In particular, when a patient takes the medications classed as Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI), they inhibit the production of acid.

When these medications are discontinued, it is observed that the body responds and bounces back with more acid secretion. This is called "rebound hypersecretion," It is, therefore, often advisable for people taking PPI's to avoid sudden stoppage of medication

There are several herbs that are often used as heartburn remedies. Tea made from caraway seeds, chamomile, coriander, fennel, anise, and angelica can offer relief after a meal. Spearmint and peppermint teas are also known to help. You can also get capsules containing caraway seed and peppermint oils, which some people also get good results from.

Some specialists rely on roots and herbs. Ginger root is a very versatile herb used in Ayurveda, and regular intake of unto 500 mgs a day actually reduces your episodes of acid reflux.

Adequate fiber consumption reduces symptoms of acid reflux. Fiber easily digests the acid from the foods. Fiber also keeps you unconstipated. Fiber pills or water-soluble powders are available for those who do not enjoy raw foods.

Nicotine is another contributor to acid reflux, so if you smoke stopping can help. It causes the esophageal sphincter to relax, which can allow fluids and acid to "swish around" more freely. Plus, stress can sometimes be related to smoking which can also affect your digestion.

Avoid eating citrus fruits, raw onions, ground beef, potatoes, spaghetti, alcohol, spicy foods, ice cream, cheese, coffee and tea.

Licorice, (sold in health food stores), Meadowsweet, (an excellent anti-inflammatory and antacid that works to protect membranes in the digestive tract), certain digestive enzymes, such as Papain (helps to digest food better and faster, and keeps it from sitting around in the stomach for long periods), Chamomile (works for all digestive problems), and even marshmallow (works as anti-inflammatory, together with chamomile), all have had success as alternative medications over a period of time.

At the end of the day, lifestyle changes, good diet, weight control, and healthy stress relieving habits are all what acid reflux treatment is all about. - 14130

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Benefits of a Colon Cleanse - Top 5

By Cindy Soto

Based on the number of searches on the net, colon cleansing has become very popular.

But there are still many people for whom it's totally foreign. I had one person tell me that she didn't even want to read about it because it reminded her of her husband's colonoscopy!

But it's an entirely different thing, whether you give your colon a much needed bath or use one of the many products on the market.

The benefits of a colon cleanse (top 5) I have enjoyed:

1 -- First what wasn't there in my day: headaches. They had been a pretty sure thing each day. I've also noticed that when I go back to a standard diet, they come back. You see, I also switched to a raw vegan nutrition diet.

2 -- The almost constant runny nose and allergies were also gone and have remained that way. It is so great to breathe freely.

3 -- What also used to be "normal" was the energy crash every afternoon and even mid-morning. It's great to be able to keep going and feel good all day.

4 -- While it wasn't the main reason I went through the program, the weight loss was a tremendous benefit. I lost 40 pounds and have remained at my ideal weight.

5 -- The total surprise was the clarity in my mind. Not only the fogginess, but forgetting things has become a thing of the past.

These are just a few of the many benefits that have literally changed my life. To me, living without great health is no way to live at all.

Because of the benefits of a colon cleanse and the raw vegan nutrition I take in each day, my daily life is very different.

I changed my diet at the same time I started colon cleansing. I don't know what it would have been like from only colon cleansing, but the two worked together amazingly.

The best way to pursue any cleanse is to stop adding toxins to the body, and give it all the tools to create the healing you desire.

When we just get out of the way, our amazing bodies know what to do. Each of the trillions of cells has its own intelligence. - 14130

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Yeast Infections - 4 Home Remedies For Instant Relief

By Samantha Adams

Yeast infections are very common and do not just effect the genital parts of a person's body. Some people develop yeast infections in the mouth, others under their nails and others the infection occurs between the skin folds on their body. Such infections can occur at any time during one's life and aren't just something that women need to treat. Below we look at some natural ways that can be used as a cure for yeast infections.

1. Plain Yogurt - This particular food contains good bacteria in it which has certain properties that fights yeast infections. You can either choose to eat the yogurt so that the infection can be fought inside the body and also help to prevent the yeast from growing further. The other way of using this is to apply it directly to the area that has become infected.

However, if you intend to use these treatment to cure the yeast infection you have make sure that you use only plain natural yogurt. Any other variety of yogurt contains sugar which will help the infection by increasing the production of the yeast bacteria.

Also if you are applying the yogurt directly to the area infected then do not leave it on for any extended period of time as this can actually make the condition far worse. As soon as the itching has been relieved then immediately wipe off any excess yogurt otherwise if left in place moisture will be able to collect and the itching will intensify once more.

2. Garlic - This is one of the most effective ways for curing a yeast infection. For a vaginal infection insertion of a clove of garlic into the vagina will help to provide relief. There are now garlic suppositories you can use, and if you use these make sure that the ones you use contain only natural ingredients. The garlic contains anti-fungal properties and it is these which help to kill off the yeast.

Those who don't feel comfortable using garlic in the way mentioned above then you can take it either as a supplement or eat raw garlic. But for those who are concerned about their breath following eating raw garlic will probably find taking a supplement of pure natural garlic preferable.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar - This cure for yeast infections is also effective and like garlic can be used both internally and externally. If you are going to apply it directly to the infected area don't do it in its pure state, instead it is better to add a cup of the vinegar to a hot bath and then lie in it for a while.

4. Oil of Oregano - This is another effective cure for yeast infections and should be taken on a daily basis following the instructions of those who produce the treatment. It is best that you use an oil of oregano supplement that contains a high level of carvacrol in it. It is this part of the oil which actually works to kill of the yeast that is growing and causing the infection. - 14130

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Massage Chair Review: Montage Elite Massage Chair by Omega

By Steve Esquire

We present this massage review for those interested in learning more about the Omega Montage Elite massage chair. The Montage Elite is one of the high end massage chairs made by Omega. We will make an evaluation of the important features, functions and warranty coverage of this massage recliner. Here is our review of the Omega Montage Elite massage chair recliner.

The warranty of any massage chair is something that you need to check out. There are many different types of coverage and in some cases it may be worth it to purchase an extended warranty. The quality levels of massage chairs have improved dramatically over the years, but it is better to have some level of insurance in case you need it.

Let's take a look at the warranty coverage with the Omega Montage Elite. The first is the frame of the chair which has 5 years of coverage. You get parts coverage for 3 years. Labor is covered for 3 years also. With the Montage there is one year of free parts shipping included. Field service is also available where a technician will come out to your home and make repairs. Omega covers this for the first 90 days.

Automatic programs are pre-programmed massages designed by the manufacturer to maximize the functions of the massage chair. The Montage Elite comes with five different automatic programs. Each of the five automatic programs is developed around a theme and includes the following: Activation, Relaxation, Vitality, Night and Morning. Activation and Vitality are more vigorous programs providing deeper massage therapy. Vitality is somewhat in the middle. Morning and Night are similar to warming up for Morning and warming down for Night.

There are also 4 manual massage techniques. The Montage Elite has kneading, tapping, finger press and shiatsu. These are further complimented with 6 manual back courses. You can choose from full back, lower back, middle back upper back, shoulder and neck. The shoulder and neck are unique to Omega. You can get the upper neck and base of the skull or the shoulders and the lower neck. These are very relieving for built up tension in those areas.

The lower body is in for a treat with the air massage system. The air massage system covers your buttocks, thighs, hips, calves and feet. The air massage system is driven by a compressor which delivers air to airbags strategically placed throughout the chair. In particular is the Footflex massage. The Footflex is a reflexology foot massage that is built into the leg rest for the feet. If you enjoy a foot massage, then the Montage Elite is you for you.

The Montage Elite comes with a lower body stretching system. This stretching system will effectively stretch out your legs, hips and decompress your lower back. The leg rest will activate the airbags to hold your feet. The leg rest will rise up. Then the leg rest will start to lower to three successively lower positions. Each time it lowers, it stretches your lower body. This helps to elongate the muscles and increase your flexibility.

A therapy commonly used by physical therapists is the application of heat. Heat is known to aid in the reduction of swelling of muscle tissue and to increase the blood flow. The Montage Elite has incorporated heat into three parts of the massage chair. Each part can be controlled individually. There is heat in chair back, seat and the leg rest. Why not relax and tune out the world with the MP3 player. Download your favorite tunes onto the USB stick and slip on the headphones. Drift away as the massage chair works you over.

If you are looking for the best of the best, the Montage Elite has everything going for it. It has a stylish design and soft yet durable synthetic leather upholstery. The massage programs provide very effective massage therapy to relieve aches and pains. There is the lower body traction system to stretch out your legs. You can apply heat to the area of the body as appropriate. Put on the headphones and let go of your thoughts as you relax to the music and the massage chair provides you a soothing and totally relaxing experience. This is what the Montage Elite massage chair is all about. - 14130

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Self-improvement? What's wrong with me right now?

By Dr. T. Johnson

Desire is the foreplay to the fulfillment of those dreams. If you can think it, you can have it! What do you want?

What's possible? What's not?

There is something inside of you stopping you dead in your tracks. Find it, fix it, go free!

Why can't you seem to "get it?" It's not your fault. You have been fighting a stacked deck. Ever since you were little, you were trained to seek mediocrity. Self-improvement wasn't even on the agenda.

I've had that knife of failure in my gut too.

Speaking of pain, we don't just suffer emotional pain. How does stress affect health? It affects everything.

As the years roll by, you've been asking yourself why you haven't progressed either in your finances or in how you feel about everything. You're not alone.

There is something missing. Somehow, we must pursue self-improvement, but, in what way?

Greatness isn't reserved for others. The idea is fish-hooked in your heart that you are entitled to a large piece of the greatness pie.

I hear you. I've been there.

I am about to give you the keys to the kingdom. Here they are: Never in the history of mankind has it been easier for you to achieve your dreams. Everything you could possibly need to know to succeed immensely at anything is available on the World Wide Web and is often free. Everything.

Breathe deeply. Find a quiet place in your mind and try to stay there. Unwind.

Lets blast a hole through the smoke screen of deception that has been guiding your life. There are three simple words that light the way like a torch in a dark forest: Basic Self-Improvement.

Let's blow away some of the dust that is making it hard for you to see. Incredible things can be done with those three words.

You need to pursue self-improvement in a few basic skills. The volume of information out there is so great that you need to speed up your reading and comprehension processes.

Wouldn't it be a shame to have this great intellect developed and then be stuck in a creaky, miserable body? Developing radiant health will be your next goal.

You will also want to compliment your keen mind by turning it into a "sticky tape" for data. There are many easy and fun ways to learn to turn your magnificent brain into a massive and orderly data bank.

You don't believe that there really is anything new under the sun for you? Read on.

The other day, I went into the pantry to find a fly swatter. Couldn't find it. Finally, my wife had to come and get it. I had been looking right at it and had not seen it. Sound familiar?

We view our lives through our consciousness which filters everything, including salt shakers. I use this example because it or something similar has happened to all of us. The question I have for you is, "What new ideas is your mind filtering out right now? If it can miss something simple and concrete right before your eyes, what else is it missing?"

It seems that electricity didn't exist until someone discovered it. Of course, it was always there.

If you decide to improve your mind and to increase the amount of information you feed it, who knows what you will find. Let your dreams fly and soar. See where they take you.

Your body is the vehicle you will use to explore and prosper and be joyful in. There are many, fun, easy ways to get fit. The benefits are many.

As your mind develops, it will want to organize the time in your day. Give it what it wants. Being rich in all things except time is worse than what you have now. Plan on learning time management. It's amazing how much of your time it will free up!

Self-improvement never ends. Learning time management will not only propel you on rockets of efficiency, but it will lay the groundwork for you to build a balanced life full of pleasure, abundance and happiness.


Learn to cover massive amounts of information. Set a goal of finding the resources to increase your memory and to unleash your imagination that has lain dormant for so long.

Let yourself decide the level of fitness you want to enjoy, not Madison Avenue. You decide how stress affect your overall health. Learn to schedule your life so that fun is the number one priority.

All these skills are available to you, easily and with little effort on your part. Truly, make an effort on developing these key skills in yourself and enjoy the ride to heights you have never imagined possible!

Self-improvement means many things. What do you want?

What makes your heart sing? Go get it. - 14130

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Causes of Bad Breath

By B. R. Hooper

The Causes of Bad Breath

Have you ever met a person that seemed like they always had bad breath? Most everyone has been friends with or at least known a person that had bad breath every time they opened their mouth, and usually there is a reason for that. There are certain medical conditions, diets, habits, and other issues that can contribute to the various causes of bad breath. However, depending on who you are and what your individual life is like, the different causes of bad breath may or may not apply to you. But in the case that you happen to be the person with the chronically bad breath, investigating the various causes of bad breath as they happen to you can be very helpful.

Your Diet

There is a saying "You become what you eat". In the case of bad breath, it true. Certian foods such as parsley, lettuce and other fresh foods can freshen the breath. Eating foods that aren't properly cooked, or even cleaned can cause bad breath. So in general, it's best to watch what kind of foods you eat.

Your Habits

Setting up a regular daily routine of brushing and flossing can really help prevent bad breath. Food particles can stick to the teeth, gums, and tongue. So if left unbrushed, the warm and wet environment of the mouth can speed up the rotting process of these foods stuck in the mouth. Rotting foods cause odors. So getting rid of the cause of the stink by brushing and flossing will prevent foods from rotting in the mouth! So, setting up that daily routine can really help make your breath as fresh and clean as possible!

The Summary

Since the causes of bad breath are so many, it's good to rule out the simple factors of diet or habit. If you've been careful in those areas and it's still plaguing you, it might be well to get a health professional to help see if they can figure out the cause of the bad breath. No since suffering when it's unnecessary! - 14130

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The Best Self Hypnosis Techniques For Self Improvement

By Louise Servage

Have you ever wanted to learn self hypnosis? Believe it or not, you dont need to have a collection of books, audio tapes, dvd's or a professional hypnotist to learn, you dont even need a spiritual guru. All you need to do is learn a few simple techinques.

All you need to do is practice a few of the best self hypnosis techniques in order to bring yourself to a state of deep relaxation. These include finding a place where you have complete quiet. After all, you don't want to be disturbed by loud noises when you're trying to learn the best self hypnosis techniques.

You'll also want to learn how to relax your muscles, how to sit or lay down, and you'll also want to learn what to do once you are in a subconscious state.

Going Under

Hypnotists refer to people 'going under' whenever they're put into a subconscious state. This is where the conscious mind is 'asleep' so to speak so that the hypnotist can talk directly to the mind's subconscious. You can put yourself under by using some self hypnosis techniques that have been known to work.

Please remember that different people will use different techniques. It is always best to try a variety of techniques before settling on the one that works best for you.

Firstly chose a comfortable and quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Reaching the subconscious state can often take quite a while, so you need to know that you will not be interrupted for some time. you need a place that will offer you complete solitude and sanctury. Remember to turn off phones and any other items that may disturb you, you will need complete concentration.

Focus on your breathing, relax every muscle in your body and concentrate on not thinking about anything at all. Soon, you'll find yourself in a deep state of relaxation. This is as close to sleep as you can get without actually falling asleep. Once there, you can do whatever you want to do.

Some people use a self hypnosis script to cause themselves to relax, and also to give themselves instructions and suggestions once their under. This script can include mantras on quitting smoking, losing weight, remembering more things, becoming a stronger person, or anything else you think you need to become a better person.

It is your own personal preference as to what goals you wish to achieve with self hypnosis. It may be for self improvement, it could just as easily be simply a way to relax from the stresses of day to day life. Only you will know what you want and need. With enough practise, you will soon become a master at self hypnosis. - 14130

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sports Massages Are Fantastic in Massage Chair Recliners

By James Knolan

The typical idea of a massage is spending the afternoon taking a good soak in a mud bath, feeling the sauna, and rejuvenating your skin with fresh peels and wraps. This definately sounds relaxing, but what can one do for sports activity? For sports enthusiasts and athletes there is a sports therapy massage. Athletes know how important it is to stretch and warm up muscles. Sports massages are used to help warm up and stretch out muscles and joints before physical sports activity. Don't have time for a masseuse? How about a massage chair? Shiatsu massage chairs are can do a vast array of massage therapies for a variety of needs.

Athletes around the world are reaping the benefits of massage. Sports massages are designed to prepare the body for more strenuous activity. These therapies are much more than just for relaxing after the game. Massage chair manufacturers are adding more massage features that are aimed at both amateur and professional athletes alike.

Athletes are always looking for ways to minimize injury and enhance faster recover from injuries. Many athletic trainers utilize sports therapy massage for their athletes before, during and after a game. They have found that sports therapy massages loosen muscles increasing their flexibility. Also, massage increases circulation enabling athletes to metabolize fuel faster leading to enhanced performance. Further benefits is increased range of motion, enhanced circulation and releases of endorphin. Sports massages can help reduce sports-related injuries such as sprains, fractures and pulled muscles.

Many of the high end massage chairs from Sanyo, Panasonic, and Omega have built in features specifically for athletes. These shiatsu massage chairs come with a variety of massage therapies including Reflexology, Swedish, Shiatsu, Acupressure and Deep Tissue massage. Sports therapy massage for athletes is as integral to a serious sport regimen as lifting weights. Massage increases fluid circulation, reduces pain, and speeds recovery after an injury.

Is your passion tennis, golf, basketball, or softball? Then you know it is important to warm up and stretch your muscles prior to playing. Although professional athletes have trainers and masseuses available to them, what is available for a Weekend Warrior? How about a shiatsu massage chair? Need to warm up, try the Omega Montage Premier. The Montage Premier massage chair has a lower body traction function. Omega uses an air system to hold the feet in the footrest. The footrest then raises to a horizontal position. The footrest is then lowered to 3 positions. As the footrest lowers to each position, it stretches out and elongates your muscles from the hips down. Proper warm up and stretching can help increase performance and also reduce the chances of injury.

Sport Massage is a blend of Shiatsu and Swedish techniques. Shiatsu uses the stimulation of acupressure points in conjunction with applying a gentle squeezing action to particular points in your body to relax the muscles and relieve tension. Swedish techniques use longer, flowing strokes to enhance circulation and blood flow. Robotic massage chairs use these techniques plus air compression to gently squeeze, hold and release many areas of your body. These shiatsu chairs are built with air compression systems and airbags that can stimulate the muscles in the lower body. The Panasonic EP-3222 massage recliner has 33 airbags positioned in the seat and footrest to perform lower body massages.

If you are looking for a great way to get ready before your strenuous activity, these chairs can be a very practical alternative to getting a professional masseuse. Even sports like golf, which do not seem too strenuous, actually put significant stress on the body. In golf, for example, one swings using the muscles on one side of the body in a singular direction. This causes you to over-utilize some muscle groups and under-utilize other muscle groups. How many golfers complain about bad backs? Too many to count! That simple swinging motion done repetitively can cause muscle and tendon damage if you do not warm up and warm down properly. An invigorating shiatsu massage before and after golf will make you feel better and might even take a couple strokes off your game.

The premier massage chair recliners give a thorough sports massage therapy helping to reduce tension, relax and warm up the muscles. Is all this warming up really worth it because shiatsu massage chairs are not cheap. How much is it worth to avoid an injury? Certainly, that would lower the perception of cost. There is no substitute for a good warm up. If you are a Weekend Warrior or a Professional Athlete, your shiatsu massage chair recliner may be the most valuable player on your team. - 14130

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Massage and Your Health: How Massage Chairs Can Help!

By James Knolan

Taking good care of our bodies and having good health are certainly higher priorities for everybody. There is so little time, as we are all so busy, that we seem to neglect taking care of ourselves. The day to day pressures build up stress in our bodies and we need to find time to release these pressures and find balance again. Massage therapy has been around for centuries to reduce stress and promote health and wellness, but who has time to go to the day spa? This is where a massage chair can help.

Massage chairs have advanced with the pace of technology and include many therapeutic massage therapies. Massage therapy involves the manipulation of the skin and muscles to relieve and alleviate aches, pain and discomfort. Massage chairs deliver full body massages from the base of the skull to your feet. They come with an arsenal of massage techniques and can also pinpoint certain problem areas.

Massage therapy is being recognized in more studies as an effective treatment to increase blood flow and lymph flow; reduce stress; relax muscles; reduce heart rate; and improve range of motion. These are significant findings. However, these benefits are premised on obtaining these therapies on a periodic basis. Just like diet and exercise, massage needs to be part of your total health routine. Not just something done a few times a year.

OK, we know massage therapy is good for our health, but I just do not have the time. I love the day spa and it is wonderful for a great array of massage therapy. My only gripe is not having enough time to take advantage of it. By the time I go and get my wonderful treatment and come home, it took over 2 hours. Now, most of the time was heavenly bliss, so I am not complaining. It it just finding that amount of time (forget about money) to get the benefit. Now, a massage chair has one great advantage. It is always waiting for me with its tireless mechanical hands to relieve my daily stress.

The traditional massage at a day spa for a full body massage starts with a therapist covering one part of your bodywill and then moving on to the next. If there are 5 major areas of coverage, then the massage therapist spends an average of 10 minutes on each area over a 50 minute massage.

A massage chair on the other hand can deliver the massages to each area in parallel. This significantly reduces the total time for the massage. The massage chair can effectively massage the back, both legs and arms at the same time. Each area is getting massaged all at the same time. This is a lot of massage therapy at one time. But in essence, 10 minutes in the massage chair is equivalent to a 50 minute massage.

A massage chair can help you by always being available when you need it. Imagine having 24/7 access to your own mechanical masseuse. No appointment necessary. Building a routine around massage therapy cannot be too hard. In fact to get the most benefit, the routine has to include periodic, continuous treatment. Sound like more fun that working out! Well, it certainly is a great compliment to soothe those aches, pains and soreness. Get the balance you need, and look at integrating massage therapy into your total health. The ancients would have loved the opportunity to have a massage chair recliner. - 14130

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3 Best Essential Oils to Calm Your Pet

By Christa McCourt

The reason I love animals so much is that they give off an attitude of happiness, innocence and unconditional love to their people. Our pets are just as happy being a part of our household as we are of having them with us.

However, ever once in a while, a "crazy" one enters our lives! But we still love them so much!

Example, the cat who runs and hides whenever your best friend visits. Or, the pup who wont go outside if it's raining. Or, what about the dog with separation issues that completely wrecks your house when you're working? Any of these sound familiar?

My two cats, Sam and Max, just love to relax on our screened in patio. However, when the garbage truck comes by, they run and hide like their life depends on it!

The fears that our animal friends have might sound wacky to us, but these fears are completely justified in your pet's mind.

Using essential oils on your animals can really take the edge off of their anxiety, big time!

Because of an animal's heightened senses, they respond very well to essential oils. In the wild, animals eat specific plants to heal themselves. In captivity (our homes), the pant kingdom is not readily available. Using essential oils on your pet gives them access to the vast healing properties of nature.

Here are the 3 best essential oils to calm your animal friends:

Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Peace & Calming

These three essential oils can be used to help ease your pet's distress. You can use them for situations like; trips to the vet's office, trauma, sadness and depression, loss of another animal in the family, abuse, separation issues, hyperactivity and any other situation that could cause stress for your animal.

Please know that less is more when applying essential oils to animals. Animals are very sensitive.

You should also dilute the essential oils with a carrier oil, such as organic olive oil, found in most grocery stores. The dilution ratio for dogs and horses is 1 part essential oil with 1 part carrier oil. For cats the dilution ratio is 1 part essential oil to 10 parts carrier oil.

Please take caution when using essential oils with cats. Cats are extremely sensitive to essential oils and some essential oils are potentially dangerous for them. These oils include oregano and thyme, which are high in phenols. Cats can't effectively digest phenols because they lack the proper enzymes to digest phenols. Please avoid Peace & Calming with your feline friends as it does contain small amounts of phenols and also citrus oils, which cats don't like. But, Roman chamomile and lavender essential oils are very safe for use on cats.

How to use essential oils on pets:

For calming dogs: Mix 1 drop Lavender, Roman Chamomile or Peace & Calming essential oil with 1 drop carrier oil. Rub this mixture on your dogs pads, ears or comb through their fur. Apply any time you sense your dog is stressed.

To calm your horse: Mix together 1 drop of lavender, peace & calming or Roman chamomile essential oil with one drop of organic olive oil. Rub this onto your horse's cornet bands, tips of the ears or on their muzzle. Apply at any time that your horse is in distress.

To calm your cat: Mix together 1 drop of lavender, peace & calming or Roman chamomile essential oil with TEN drops of organic olive oil. Rub this onto your cat's pads, tips of the ears or comb through their fur. Apply at any time that your cat is in distress.

All of the essential oils listed in this article are excellent for human use, as well! Simply apply a drop or two (undiluted) to your wrists, behind your ears or on your shoulders.

And the next time you're opening up a bottle of lavender essential oil, share some with your animal friends! They'll thank you!

2008 Christa McCourt - 14130

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Benefits of Natural Skin Care

By Larke Hobbs

It's amazing the things we put on our skin, which is actually our bodies' largest organ. Besides baring the responsibility for maintaining your body's core temperature, your skin also must keep tabs on the body's balance of fluids and protect the vulnerable internal organs from external toxins.

Why Use Natural Skin Care Products?

There are many advantages to using natural skin care products, such as organic makeup. These products are better for your skin, kinder to the world, and healthier in general. Here's why using natural skin care products makes so much sense:

- Many skin care products contain harmful toxins that have been linked to cancer, hormone imbalances, joint pain, headaches, allergies, and a host of other ailments. These chemicals can even cause depression, and ironically, skin problems.

- Natural skin care products, especially those that are organic, are much kinder to the planet than traditional beauty products. Synthetic skin care products are often produced in ways that harm the earth. Organic makeup and other natural skincare products are earth-friendly.

- Another important advantage of natural skin care products is that they are safer for children. While it's not a good idea to ingest any product that is meant for external use only, natural skincare products generally contain fewer toxic chemicals.

Harmful Chemicals in Synthetic Skincare Products

There are several toxic chemicals present in many synthetic skincare and haircare products. As they become more concerned about the environment, consumers are also beginning to wonder about the products they use on their bodies. Here are a few of the harmful ingredients in many synthetic skincare products:

- Synthetic Fragrance: When you read a label for a synthetic skincare product, one of the few non-technical words on the ingredients list is usually "fragrance." That's because the fragrance used is rarely specified and can be any of up to 4,000 different toxic ingredients. Many natural skincare products use essential oils instead of harmful synthetic fragrances.

- Artificial Colors: Frequently listed as "FD&C" colors, these artificial pigments are on the ingredients list for almost every synthetic skincare product. They can irritate skin, cause cancer, and affect the body in other harmful ways. Natural skincare products and organic makeup do not use this type of pigment.

- MEA, DEA, and TEA: Also known as Monoethanolamine, Diethanolamine, and Triethanolamine, these ingredients can disrupt hormone balance and cause cancer. They are in almost everything produced by the synthetic skincare companies, including shampoo, bubble bath, and facial cleansers.

- Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: You're probably familiar with these ingredients as well. Used as foaming agents and detergents, you may have seen them listed on your shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste. These ingredients can cause skin irritation, depression, and even cancer.

Performance of Organic Makeup and Other Natural Skincare Products

Organic makeup is not only better for the environment, your skin, and your body; it also meets high standards for performance. It's important that even though you wear organic makeup, you can expect it to perform as well as traditional synthetic products.

Natural skincare products perform as well or better than synthetic skincare products. They are far less likely to irritate skin, and they do no come with harmful side effects and dangerous long-term physical risks.

The Bigger Picture

Your choice of beauty products is about more than what you see in the mirror; it's also about your respect for our natural environment. In recent years, the focus on earth-friendly beauty has prompted many consumers to switch to natural skincare products and organic makeup.

Many synthetic skincare products are made up of harmful chemicals and preservatives that pollute our environment. These chemicals affect our natural world and also impact our physical health. Making the switch to natural skincare products is the right choice, both for our bodies and our planet. - 14130

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Review for Human Touch HT-125 Shiatsu Massage Chair

By Steve Esquire

This review will take an in-depth evaluation of the Human Touch HT-125 shiatsu massage chair. Human Touch is one of the largest massage chair companies and has the most comprehensive line on the market today. Human Touch is known for its realistic massage feeling in its massage chairs. The Human Touch HT-125 is a low range model in the $1,000 to $2,500 price range. This review will show some of the advanced features of the HT-125 shiatsu massage chair.

With more than 30 massage chair models at almost every price point. Human Touch has a wide range of offerings. You can find Human Touch massage chairs all across the country. Human Touch developed patents protecting their massage therapy technology. They are certainly an innovator, in a field of imitators in this industry. A patented item from Human Touch is the flipping ottoman. The flipping ottoman has a calf massager on one side and a flat cover on the other. Simply flip the ottoman when you do not want a massage and the chair looks like a regular.

How good is the warranty protection of the Human Touch HT-125 massage chair? With the HT 125, Human Touch provides a below average warranty. The HT 125 is covered for 3 years structure, 1 year parts, 90 days labor. Human Touch does have in home service is available. In Home service runs for $225 for the first hour and $150 each additional hour. Compared to the industry, Human Touch provides a below average warranty protection for the customer in this range. Of course, you can purchase the extended warranty to get the warranty up to industry standards.

How is the Human Touch HT-125 shiatsu massage chair? Let us start with the design and aesthetics. Human Touch makes an attractive massage chair and this chair looks more like an executive chair than a massage chair. The flipping ottoman helps get rid of the somewhat bulky calf massage. Human Touch does an excellent job with putting this chair on a large round base, which gives it a striking design. The Human Touch HT-125 is a comfortable massage chair and comes in a wide assortment of colors.

Find the patented HT Technology the Human Touch HT 125 robotic massage chair. This realistic massage feeling was achieved by Human Touch studing professional massage therapists and their massage. The engineeing then imitated the movements mechanicallly to provide a realistic feel. The HT-125 massage chair performs the following manual massages: partial roll, full roll, kneading, compression, percussion and kneading percussion. There are also 3 automatic programs and 6 manual massages in this shiatsu massage chair by Human Touch.

The HT-125 massage chair by Human Touch also comes with a shoulder height adjustment. The shoulder height adjustment allows the user to select from 3 shoulder types: tall, medium, or short. Use the shoulder height adjustments of the HT-125 to position the rollers for maximum comfort. Put the HT-125 in manual mode and pinpoint a specific area of your body. Let the rollers work a given massage at one specific area to relieve soreness and tension. The leg rest of the HT-125 can be used to massage either your calves or feet. The leg rest also comes with a stretch function which will perform a gentle full body stretch. The gentle body stretch of the HT-125 is helpful to improve joint mobility. To get a foot massage, the user must raise the foot rest and bend their knees and put their feet on the calf massage.

Human Touch builds some impressive shiatsu massage chairs and the HT-125 is no exception. This sleek looking executive looking chair can fit well in most any room. The nice feature is the leg rest. The user can flip the leg rest, so the leg wells are hidden from view. This avoids some of the aesthetic problems with many massage chairs. This is one of the better designed chairs in the Human Touch line up of massage chairs. The HT-125 shiatsu massage chair is a good value and provides a nice, soothing massage. - 14130

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Massage for Carpal Tunnel

By Bodhi Mcleod, LMT

Carpal Tunnel is a common problem in today's society, and it's no wonder with how much time people spend on computers and doing repetitive tasks for work. Recent studies have revealed that massage is safe and effective in bringing relief, as well as economical. (Touch Research Institutes)

Carpal Tunnel is indicated by pain in the wrists and forearms, and sometimes tingling, numbness or even burning. It can cause a loss of grip strength and even be disabling.

It's not always easy to know what causes carpal tunnel, but one of the main causes is nerve compression, also called nerve entrapment or impingement.

Nerve impingements are caused by pressure being placed on the nerves. Muscular tension can pull the skeletal system out of alignment, which can press nerves against bone and inhibit the flow of the nervous system. It's like stepping on a garden hose and inhibiting the flow of water.

You know the feeling you get when your arm or leg "falls asleep?" That's the feeling of nerve conduction being restricted. When you think about this, it's easy to understand why carpal tunnel (and other nerve entrapment conditions like sciatica) can be so painful.

Much of the massage work I do deals with returning the body to better alignment and releasing nerve impingements. Sometimes clients feel the nerve flow returning in the form of a tingling or "zapping" sensation down their arm.

Like any type of therapy, massage is most effective if used regularly for a period of time. But it's so much safer and more effective than surgery, which often doesn't work or even makes it worse, leading to more surgeries. - 14130

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Truth About Sinus Relief

By Melody Mendalson

A lot of people know sinuses as those just affecting the nasal cavity. However, further reading will tell us that a sinus actually refer to a host of bones in the body. It's just that paranasal sinuses are the most common that's why we identified sinus and sinusitis with nasal discomforts. But now that that's out of the way, let's open the door to the discussion on the discomforts brought about by sinus infections and the ways these problems may encounter relief.

In order to find effective sinus relief, we have to identify what its symptoms are. These include nasal congestion, usually accompanied by a runny nose or a cough, some pain in the upper jaw, headache, swelling and pressure (normally described as a throbbing in the middle portion of the face) and, in certain cases, fatigue, weakness and even fever.

Pain in the sinuses is primarily caused by a blockage in the nasal cavity, mostly due to an inflammation. When our nasal passageways are hindered from working their usual functions, pressure builds up and pain ensues.

It usually succeeds a viral infection in our respiratory tract, but, more often than not, it is triggered by allergy-causing substances and other pollutants.

Sinusitis is not really deadly, if the proper medication and treatment follows it immediately. Therefore, whenever you feel the onset of a sinusitis attack, you don't need to fear. There are many ways to relieve whatever ill conditions you're feeling.

Sinus relief strategies

- Rest, rest, rest.

- You will be able to clear your nasal passages and improve circulation if you exercise during a sinusitis attack.

- Drink plenty of water and other fluids. Hot tea is your best bet against problem sinuses.

- Irrigate your nasal passageways whenever it strikes. Or, as a preventive measure, irrigate daily.

- Stay away from iced and cold drinks, because they will only aggravate the pain and worsen the clogging.

- Papaya enzymes taken around four times a day will help decrease the inflammation and swelling of your sinuses.

- Use a humidifier, particularly one that's bacteria-free. Getting moisture, especially at night when you sleep, will help clear your clogged sinuses and relieve the pain and wooziness. If a humidifier is not available, inhale steam from a bowl around two to four times a day.

- Steer clear of potential allergens, like pollen, dust, pollutants, etc. They will only make the problem worse and, possibly, lead to asthma.

- If home remedies fail, try taking expectorants to help expel the mucus that has been building up in your nose. Of course, seek the advice of your physician before you take any kind of medicine, just to be one the safe side. Some medications and drugs have been found to aggravate infections in certain people who are allergic to them.

There is available relief for sinus problems. In fact, you don't really have to resort to taking medication if the discomforts are still at manageable levels. Better yet, be proactive and avoid developing a sinus attack altogether. Keep away from possible triggers and keep a clean and healthy lifestyle. Of course, make sure you get enough humidity and avoid dry air. - 14130

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Are Binaural Beats Dangerous

By Lisa Moore

For most individuals, binaural beats are perfectly safe to use. After all, binaural beats are not addictive or abusive. In fact, as time passes you would have trained your brain to reach certain levels and find yourself using the beats less often. Thousands of individuals safely use binaural beats to influence brainwaves every day.

But, there is a small minority of people that should not use Binaural Beats. I recommend that you read this article very carefully. If you are still in doubt, I suggest that you consult a medical practitioner before commencing the use of Binaural Beats.

People who suffer from any type of seizure should never attempt to use Binaural Beats. Binaural Beats work by emitting a constant pulse of sound, which causes electrical impulses in the brain, changing brainwaves. These may bring on seizures in people prone to this complaint.

Can Children Use Binaural Beats? Children are at a higher risk of seizures than adults. External stimuli have been shown to trigger seizures in children who have never had a seizure before. Before using a binaural beats on a child, you should check with your medical practitioner. Research has shown that certain TV shows and video games make up the majority of this type of seizure. Because of the pulsing nature of Binaural Beats there is the possibility that they could trigger such a seizure.

Binaural Beats is a type of meditation. Meditation in itself brings on a relaxed state. Therefore it is not advisable to use Binaural Beats whilst you are engaged in other activities that require your full attention. You never know how deeply relaxed the meditation will take you - so always stay on the side of caution.

Many serious health problems have been helped by using Binaural Beats. However, this should only be undertaken with the co-operation of a qualified health professional. Binaural Beats have been know to assist with stimulant and illegal drug addiction. Also for the cure of headaches, arthritis, muscle pains and much more. Please note that people with a damaged heart of those with a pacemaker should only use Binaural Beats after consulting with their health provider. Binaural Beats may cause a change in your hearts natural rhythm and as such could cause damage to an already delicate organ.

If the above does not apply to you, then there is no reason why binaural beats can't be used safely and effectively to help you reach your full potential. - 14130

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Acne Outbreak: the Underlying Causes

By Amanda F. Penninger

Acne is never the chosen option, but far too many of us live with it on a day-to-day basis. It damages our self esteem, makes us work harder to make a good impression, and influences the way others see us. Acne never serves us, but what can we do to eradicate this enemy to healthy skin?

There are many suspected causes of acne, but no definitive answer to the treatment. If we had the answers we could find a workable solution. It used to be that acne was a sign of the hormonal changes that come about during the teen years, but this is no longer the case. Far more adults carry on the signs of acne.

Does diet influence acne? Many believe diet is the primary consideration to health, both internally and externally. Chocolate has been blamed for outbreaks, but in recent years this theory has been proven to be incorrect. Others blame it on fat intake, processed foods, additives and preservatives, and the highly refined foods like sugar.

Can acne be the result of bacteria, virus or other foreign matter in our system? Is it an outward expression of the internal state-of-health? If acne is caused by a toxic internal environment, then how do we treat it? Sounds like a dietary and maybe even environmental change is in order. If it is caused by a parasite, like bacteria or virus, then how do we make ourselves stronger, and end the influence of these microscopic invaders?

Here we are, back at square one. Diet is the foundation of wellness and health. After all, you are what you eat. But what if you have not had the greatest diet? How do you get back on track with your wellness program? We can spin our wheels investing a lot of time and money to fix what is broken, or we can give our bodies the support and tools it needs to be strong and do the job it is designed to do.

What are some of the tools we can use to improve our health and wellness? There are many, and like any other areas of life there are some that work better than others. Clean water is one tool. Eating whole foods with minimal processing is another. Giving our body a good detox protocol is another great tool to help the body grow stronger.

One of the easiest tools that is available to us is called MMS. This is simply a solution of sodium chlorite, which is about the best water purifier in existence. Many have found this solution, used with an activator, has been useful in cleaning their fruits and vegetables as well as purifying their food prep spaces. Many use MMS in their detox protocol. MMS has been used successfully to treat malaria in third world countries.

Your appearance is the first impression you make. Acne does not have to stand between your outward appearance and your inner beauty. There are steps we can take in our own lives to create a healthy environment both in the world around us and our own physical environment. - 14130

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Hemorroid Treatments - Fast And Effective

By Kathy Chan

Are you suffering from a persisting, aching hemorroid? Are you advised that there are no hemorroid treatments except dreadful surgery and toxic drug?

Being a former sufferer I can say to you that is not correct. There are natural and trouble-free home hemorroid treatment. Would you like to discover them? Read on.

But before I jump into the details, I thinkbelieve it is suitable that I start by telling you how I come to discovering this technique.

I first found out I have got hemorroid approximately 5 years ago. I discovered some ordinary sign such as the standard blood in my stool, "something" sticking out of my anus and certainly, the pain.

It grew more dreadful as the days go by and I thought it would simply vanish. At first, I didn't realize what it was but I was anxious of the persistent bleeding each time I visit the toilet.

Hence I checked with various kindred regarding the symptoms and that's when I discovered out I suffer from hemorroid. And similar to most persons, I was told there are no hemorroid treatment. My lone choice being hemorrhoidectomy surgery.

I believed them, but I procrastinated to get it done because of the plentiful horrific incidents people experience with that type of operation. Plus, a good number of of them suffered a relapse since, as I later discovered out, they did not rectified correct cause of hemorroids.

It's only 4 years later that I began getting anxious. It's getting painful to sit and I dread everytime I have to move my bowel. It was so terrible I tend to "hold it in" whenever I experience the impulse (Barely did I understand this was contributing to the trouble).

I started my search online and the amount of information I obtain shocked even me. There was a whole mountain of choice. Worried as I was, I tried them out one at a time each lasting for around 30 days.

As soon as I observe no improvement, I change one to the next "big promise". I tried a total of 8 choices and just as I was about to give up, I happen upon a simple $37 handbook.

Now, I know what you're feeling by now. Why would someone reveal hemorroid treatment for $37? That's also what I consider but with 60 days unreserved guarantee, I chose to go for it.

What happened? Let's just say the result is nothing less than phenomenal. Would like to find out what I did? - 14130

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What are Allergy Eyes?

By Dorothy Medlum

Do your eyes get itchy, red, and irritated? Itchy, red, eyes can be the result of many different causes. Perhaps you were in a smoke infested environment that caused your eyes to itch. Maybe you have been sitting at a computer for several hours all day and strained your eyes by not blinking them as often as you normally do. The most common reason is because you have allergy eyes.

Allergy eyes are most often a negative reaction to a substance in your immediate environment. For example, allergy eyes can be caused by pollen, weeds, and grass exposure. This is most prevalent in the fall and the spring. If you step outside, you can be overwhelmed with allergens and the effects of pollen.

Our beloved pets may also contribute to our having allergy eyes. Dog and cat dander and hair that are released into our environment soon irritate our eyes and they begin to itch and water.

There are ways to treat your eyes and maintain your pet in the home.

What can be done for Allergy Eyes?

One medication, Visine Advance Allergy combines both an antihistamine and a decongestant to effectively relieve the itching, tearing, and redness of your eyes. The symptoms that have been caused by your allergies: pollen, trees, grass, dust, pets, and mold can be relieved. By using Visine Advance Allergy you can soothe and comfort your once irritated eyes.

The itchy, watery, and redness in your eyes can be remedied. This product contains both an antihistamine as well as a decongestant to reduce the swelling of blood vessels.

Adults and children 6 years and over can use these drops. To do so, place 1 to 2 drops in the affected eyes up to four times a day. You may experience a brief tingling sensation.

If you experience any of the following, discontinue your usage and consult your doctor: eye pain, changes in vision, continued redness, or irritation of the eye, or a worsened condition. Also, if your condition lasts for more than 72 hours, you should consult your doctor. If you have any of the following conditions, do not take this product: heart disease, high blood pressure, difficulty urinating, or glaucoma. Overusing this medicine may produce an increase of redness in the eye. Using a combination of Visine Advance Allergy eye drops, allergy medications, and a cleaner environment are surely part of your successful plan to having clearer eyes and being allergy-free. - 14130

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MMS - Miracle Mineral What Does That Mean?

By Lidia Peru

You may have heard of it, miracle mineral solution. What is it, and can it really be a miracle, and a solution?

MMS or miracle mineral solution is a diluted form of sodium chlorite. This common mineral has been used for many years to purify water.

Jim Humble, the creator of the MMS protocol, learned about using this natural cleansing agent as a simple to use treatment for malaria. In fact, used in solution with an activator, it's treated many thousands of malaria cases with positive results.

But what is this talk of an activator? The activator is citric acid. Some people use lemon juice as their activator, or vinegar. It's all a matter of taste.

Some do not care for the taste of mms. It is a bit strong, to say the least. If you take too much it will cause nausea, but that is because it is working, detoxifying the body. Mix it with water or apple juice to help with the taste.

It is recommended that you follow the protocol, and not take too much at a time. This will give you a slower healthier detoxification process.

If you are interested in reading stories about using MMS you should be able to find some of the forums that discuss using MMS. There are doctors who recommend it as an alternative treatment. Curezone has a forum for this topic.

Is MMS really the miracle mineral? Some think its all hype. Others state it works, and has been effective in many cases. Many individuals are taking their wellness into their own hands when traditional practices have failed. - 14130

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Autism and Intelligence

By Jean Genet

Jean Genet is a survivor of autism. Although his IQ is now 145 when he was growing up in the Oklahoma school system he was tested between 75 and 90. Did Genet get smarter once he conquered autism or was he always intelligent? Genet believes he was always intelligent.

As a brain researcher, Genet believes that vaccines damage the ability of the child?s brain to ground to its physical body. When this occurs the child cannot complete the circuit back into a proper reality where the brain connects to its mental, physical, emotional, and speech software.

The inability of the child to perform in a proper reality locks them into their own world. In their reality they have developed proper speech, emotional balance, and mental focus. Although lock out from our world the autistic child's begins to function in what Genet describes as "hyper drive." The child can process information a genius levels. This state of awareness is what Genet decribes a "intuitive genius." He believes that Albert Einstein suffered from autistic like symptoms and possessed this intuitive genius. Without this intuitive genius, Genet feels that Einstein couldn't have come up with his theory of relativity.

IQ test are developed to determine the intelligence of a person who functions in a proper reality. Since children with autism are disconnected from a proper reality they cannot be expected to perform well on the test although in their reality they are processing at genius levels.

After Genet scored low on his IQ test he was determined to be "deaf and dumb." Today he would be considered to be mentally retarded by medical practitioners and school administrators.

Of course the solution would be to find a way for the child with autism to ground back to their physical body. Maybe Genet has found a way for this grounding to occur. His research has shown that the brain uses certain brain wave frequencies to ground to the physical body. Genet has created Cranial Dynamics a technology that is capable of encoding this frequencies onto a CD. The CD is then played after the child goes to sleep and wakes up more grounded to the physical body. When enough grounding has come about the child completes the circuit back into a proper reality and bring with them their intutive genius. - 14130

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What is Guided Meditation

By Bill Bodri

Meditation is basically a form of mental discipline in which the mind transcends the everyday physical world and goes into a deeper and more relaxed state of being.

Because meditation consists of focusing ones thoughts on a particular thought or object, and because our frantic lives filled with worries and cares make it hard to slow down and do that, you may like to try guided meditation, meditation with a partner.

There are a variety of guided meditation methods. Some consist of the partner 'guiding' you with a story or verbal imagery to a place of peace. In another, the partner quietly instructs you toward relaxation.

It's important to choose a time when your surroundings are quiet and peaceful. Most opt for early morning or late evening as the environment then is relatively quiet.

Meditating twice a day will also help you get into practice and therefore, make the process easier, more natural.

A couple things really help to set the mood for your meditation time and that is music and incense.

As you choose your partner, you might look at someone not of your sex. They should have a voice that sooths you and that you find enjoyable to listen to as you will be doing that a lot.

Before starting, you and your partner should sit in upright positions facing each other and concentrate on the breathing, since this forms an integral part of all meditation processes.

The objective is to get the other person to focus on a particular element. The best example is to imagine a bright ball of light (usually a symbol of healing), shining on the other person, like a sun.

It is also important that the partner makes the other person feel the element. It is a good idea to imagine the light penetrating the other person's body, bringing with it a feeling of healing and warmth. Once the person can feel and visualize this image, other elements like color can be added.

The duration of the sitting will rely on the congeniality of the individuals and how cohesive their relationship is. When the guide partner sees that the one meditating has reached a heightened point in their tranquility, the guide will bring them back slowly and gently until they are back in to the here and now.

Guided meditation provides you a level of relaxation that is not achieved even by sleep. In this process, you're not asleep; you're in a higher state of awareness that allows you to cut yourself off from the external world.

For an easier method of guided mediation, you can purchase a guided mediation cd, retreat to a peaceful place, turn of electronic distractions, and begin the relaxation. Key to your success is wearing comfy clothes and choosing a time in the day that you will not have interruptions.

Beginners' meditation requires very little investment: listening to the CD for 15-25 minutes and allowing some time for contemplation at the end of each session, to let the relaxed feeling seep through your body. It's the best way to relieve stress and daily anxiety. - 14130

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Types of Meditation

By Bill Bodri

You can travel all over the world and you won't beable to go to a place that hasn't heard of meditation. Over and over research has shown that meditation has a beneficial effect on body and soul alike.

For a beginner the prospect of meditation becomes a bit daunting because of the religious connotations that are associated with this art. However, if you wish to boost your mental and physical processes alike- meditation is the thing for you.

To get you moving with meditation, here are some tips that you can use as a beginner:

1. Zen Buddhist Meditation Technique or Zazen- Zazen is more frequently thought of in religious terms, however this method's effectiveness has been proven time and again since being put forth by Lord Buddha. It makes up the heart of Zen Buddhist ritual- it's basic form is to sit up straight, no talking, and to focus on breathing.

Instructions- To begin this method, sit upright, and count to 10, exhaling after each count. As you finish the breathing counts to ten, begin anew. If your attention is distracted from your breaths, begin anew. Eventually your experience will bring you to the point where you don't have to count anymore and just focusing on your breaths will suffice. This can take many years of work to be able to master this. You can rely on the Zen technique to lift you both body and soul, and to bring you to a higher level of sensibility and cognition.

2. Mantra Meditation Method- This popularly held form is the heart of the Hindu faith and is very effective. Its name explains its use. First choose a mantra, a sacred utterance, that can be repeated in your mind or with your lips. This sacred utterance assists you in focusing your chi or energy and allows you to be more able to help your concentrative abilities to grow.

A favored mantra is So Hum Mantra Meditation. When inhaling, mentally say 'Sooo', then mentally say "Hummm" while you are exhaling. 'So Hum' interprets as 'I am That' meaning that you are unified with the divine. In this manner you are able to expand the emotions at your heart allowing you to open up your love, unreserved.

3. The Chakra Meditation Method- You could reap many benefits from this method of Chakra meditation. And the interesting part is that there are many variations of this method. Chakras are a whirlpool of energy that you must balance in order to reap benefit from this process. Once the energy in your system is properly balanced you could make considerable progress in both your emotional and physical fields. Here's how you could unlock and stabilize the flow of energy in your life-

a. Arrange your Chakra upon your body and concentrate on it. Gradually you will be mindful of the placement of your Chakra and the energy it contains will begin to open up.

b. Each Chakra is directly related to what is called the 'Beej mantra' (the seed sound). One you repeat the Chakra over and over again, the particular center that is being targeted will open up and become balanced. You should proceed with caution because these centers should not be opened with haste or hurry.

If you want to find out how your life can be benefited from meditation just give it a try and find out! - 14130

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Free online seminar with Lynne McTaggart ... Finding Health

By Healthy Wealthy nWise

Lynne McTaggart is an investigative journalist whose award winning books include "The Field" and "The Intention Experiment". Not only is she a writer, but she was also a star in the film "What the Bleep Do We Know?" and is an international spokesperson for health.

Lynne's health interest lies mostly in the realm of alternative medicine. She is an editor of the health and spiritual newsletter "What Doctors Don't Tell You", and is co-executive director of Conatus PLC, the UK's most successful publisher of health newsletters.

Passion leads Lynne through every aspect of her life. She stumbled onto her passion for health after becoming ill in the 1980's. She decided to take her health into her own hands when she was unsuccessfully treated by doctor after doctor, both in the traditional and alternative medicine fields.

Her health journey ended when Lynne McTaggart found a doctor who treated her more like a partner in health than just another patient. Regaining her health through this process led her to the study of spiritual healing, and it led her to "What Doctors Don't Tell You".

As she was studying spiritual health, she often wondered, "If this is true, if one person can send a thought to someone else and make that person better, then our understanding of the world is incomplete." Lynne's wonder turned into a passion just as strong as her passion for health. Her new passion was "the field".

So what is this "field" she studies? Unlike the teachings of traditional science, "the field" would suggest that we are all connected to one another. Science is full of laws for time and space and tells us that each of us are separate beings within those laws. "The field" says that we all have an effect on each other and that relationships are reality. It's like a tape recorder for information.

Science would also have us believe that homeopathy doesn't work. Homeopathy dilutes a substance in water so much that little or nothing of the original substance is left, however, alternative medicine suggests that homeopathy also works as a tape recorder like "the field" does. Because our bodies are more energy than chemistry, sometimes only a trace of something is necessary for health.

You can learn more about "the field" by reading Lynne McTaggart's book, also called "The Field". Lynne was a journalist and writer long before her passion for health emerged, so she purposely wrote the book in a way that average people could read and enjoy it. Sure it talks about quantum physics, but you don't need to be a physicist to have great health! - 14130

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Right Natural Colon Cleanse: Eat and Play

By Ann Triune

Many have benefited from a natural colon cleanse, but what are some of the best ways to do for a good colon cleanse? Having a natural colon cleanse is known to be a much safer and equally effective method. You may have a colon cleanser simply by having a good diet and exercise regimen.

Several diet programs that specifically target the colon are out there. It has been widely known that a healthy colon basically means a healthy life! With so much junk we already put in our bodies, it's no surprise that what we eat has an almost direct effect on how well we feel. In fact, colon cancer has been linked with a dirty colon.

Fiber Intake - The typical recommendation of a natural colon cleanse when it comes to dieting is increasing naturally occurring fiber as well as basic food combining. These methods will enhance nutrient assimilation and digestion. Those who are on this type of diet program will experience better complexion, better hair, and better nails. Not only those, there will be a prevention of constipation, lethargy, bloating, flatulence and gas.

Hot Drinks - To naturally and effectively cleans your colon, you will need to eat more-eat more regularly that is. When you eat a lot in one sitting, even if you eat less frequently in a day, all that food will just be sitting there in your body for a longer period of time. Also try to have hot drinks with your meal, as these drinks can improve digestive functions. Cold drinks tend to delay the digestive process.

Next, be aware of exactly what you put in your mouth! Overeating is known to be a major cause of indigestion. A good way to be aware of what you eat is to portion your sizes. Place all the food you think you need in one plate first, and decide to finish only what you have in that plate. Of course, stop eating once you feel full! You may also want to avoid doing other things while eating, like watching TV. Never eat late at night and never eat processed foods!. Some diet programs will be more strict, like advising one to consume the easiest to digest foods first, then moving to more complex ones in one meal.

Water Therapy - Never underestimate water. Water is essential in that it aids in washing away wastes and toxins from your body. It also aids in preventing your stool drying up and causing constipation. The recommended intake of water is 8 to 12 glasses per day!

Proper Exercise - Now let's talk about exercise. Working out regularly is also quite essential in keeping your entire body in top shape. Good exercises that can help your colon and therefore your whole body are concentrated exercises. These include brisk walking and utilizing exercise equipment. Spine twists and abs work outs are particularly known to aid in healthy digestion.

Yoga - Believe it or not yoga has also been known to aid in digestion and in effectively cleansing the colon. Yoga can help in many ways. Mainly, it is able to help change our attitudes towards food and other things we put into are bodies that are simply not good for us. Therefore, we are able to prevent toxins from accumulating in our bodies in the long run. Shatkarmas or Shatkriya are both known to be very powerful techniques in improving specific parts of the body.

As you can see, you may cleanse your colon the natural way. While diet and exercising are very good methods in cleansing the colon, some people find some programs to be quite inconvenient and slow when it comes to seeing results. Herbal colon cleansers are often advised alongside a diet and exercise regimen for optimal results. They are extremely convenient and do not require strict rules for good results to happen. - 14130

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The 5 Best Massage Therapies Types in the Massage Chairs of Today

By Steve Esquire

For centuries man has had to deal with pain relief. Many different massage techniques have evolved through time. Some follow stick traditions while others are interpreted more loosely. The key is to find the right health therapy to target particular issues you may have. These massage techniques have ways of relieving your discomfort and pain depending on where it resides. Here are the 5 best massage therapies for overall relief.

Junetsu Massage: The Junetsu is a variation of kneading massage. Typical kneading action in a recliner is working side to side. Usually this is done in a horizontal plain while seated. Junetsu is a technique using small circles. These circular motions are then used with firm pressure to penetrate deeply. The literal translation of Junetsu is ultra-fine kneading. This is technique is perfect for getting out those knots in your back. It penetrates deeply into the muscle tissue or reverberates through to the bones.

Finger Press Massage: The finger press or rolling massage is and up and down movement. The finger press targets the spine. The massage rollers move up and down the spine. As it moves, it relieves the built up pressure on the cervical disks. The cervical disks can compress. The finger press massage applies firm pressure which releases the pressure as it is gently stretched. Different widths can be set depending on your body type with the rolling massage.

Pregnancy Massage: Massage during pregnancy can be very beneficial. The body is increasing capacity to support a new life. There are many stresses being placed during a tremendous transition in the body. Prenatal massage helps to reduce the discomforts associated with this transition. It helps to alleviate muscle tightness, tension, cramping and stiffness. Blood circulation is also enhanced which reduces stress on the heart. Massage therapy can help to relax and calm the fetus inside the womb.

Compression Massage: Compression massage uses a firm rubbing motion. Compression is a squeezing action. It is usually using the whole hand as opposed to the fingers. This is good to cover larger parts of the body. In this case, compression is a pushing action than creates a firm rubbing sensation. It is effective for use for muscles like on the leg and arms. Compression can also be a pushing action than creates a rubbing sensation. The squeeze, hold and release helps to reduce aches and pains.

Hawaiian Massage: The loving hands of Hawaii are here to revitalize. This technique is also known as the Lomi Lomi massage. This technique uses very large, broad strokes. This is used in conjunction with deep tissue methods. The kneading helps to loosen the muscles while the deep tissue penetrates thoroughly. This technique brings back energy and harmony within the body. The combination of these two fundamental techniques into one brings total body and mind relaxation.

Here are the top 5 health therapies to help relieve your ailments. Many of these techniques have been honed through time, while others are derivatives of the main ones. The key is targeting your areas for relief and finding the right health therapies. The massage therapy needs to be performed to relieve discomfort and bring relaxation. Many massage therapies are effectively performed in the best massage chair recliner brands. - 14130

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Get Daily Pain Relief: Massage Chair Performs Deep Tissue Massage

By Steve Esquire

If you suffer from constant, dull pain, muscle tension or chronic pain, then many regular massage techniques are just not effective for these conditions. In these situations a deep tissue massage may be just what the doctor ordered. A deep tissue massage penetrates beyond the superficial layers of the muscles to get to the root of the pain or discomfort. Muscles have long flexible tendons, but can breakdown and become shorter and less flexible causing pain and discomfort. A deep tissue massage seeks to elongate these tendons to restore their inherent flexibility.

If you have suffered an injury, then you know that scar tissue has less elasticity than normal tissue. The elasticity can be restored by elongating and stretching the affected areas. Deeper muscles need this stretching action to rebuild and increase their range of motion. A deep tissue massage helps to break down scar tissue and increase elasticity in muscles and tissues.

If you are a team member of a professional sports franchise, then your routinely obtain deep tissue massage. This is known to help healing form injuries and to increase range of motion of muscles. The heavy workouts cause muscles to breakdown and become tight. Loosening the muscles regains their former flexibility. However, not all of us have access to a massage therapist.

One interesting note with massage as with exercise or diet, is that these things are only beneficial if done on a continuous basis. We cannot expect to lose weight by limiting our diet at one meal. Just like deep tissue massage, it must be applied on a periodic basis to be effective. If we exercise regularly, then our muscles are being broken down regularly. We need to revitalize these muscles on a regular basis as well. Massage chairs can provide such access on a regular basis at your convenience.

Massage chair companies like Omega Massage and Panasonic have advanced deep tissue massage technology. These companies offer advanced programs to provide effective daily relief. Additionally, they offer full body massage in their massage chairs. These chairs have the capability to stretch you, apply heat and even help your relax with music. Immerse yourself in relaxation as the massage chairs provide for your every massage therapy need.

Most people are surprised to learn how much a massage chair can actually do. The impression is a massage chair is for your back. The reality is massage chairs provide full body therapy. In addition to deep tissue massage, the Panasonic Real Pro Ultra massage chair will stretch your legs. Your arms can be massaged with gentle or firm air pressure as well as your lower body. Omega Massage incorporates heat therapy to enhance blood circulation and promote healing.

Deep tissue is effective for persons performing regular exercise. It has been shown to increase range of motion and flexibility. You may want to check with your medical advisor to make sure that you can benefit from deep tissue massage. You also may experience some discomfort from a deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage uses pressure and stroking to relieve muscles to the core. If you have not received one before, then your muscles may ache at first when getting this massage.

To get the full benefit of any massage treatment, it must be performed at a regular, sustained interval. If you exercise regularly, then you should receive massage regularly. Each action like exercise, requires an equal an opposite counteraction like massage therapy. Life is about balance. We know the balance is always changing, so too must the counter balances. Obtaining pain relief is a counter balance to the source of the pain. The healing process is a natural reversal of the damaging process. Look to integrate massage therapy into your routine with a massage chair recliner. They are actually very cost effective in the long run. - 14130

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